Online Resources


Conditionally Accepted – an interactive blog community for scholars facing marginalization within and beyond the academy featuring regular posts and tips concerning such experience.  Conditionally Accepted also maintains a resource page and blog list that may be useful to readers.

Feminist Teacher – a site containing advice and resources for teaching, scholarship, and service related to social justice and critical thinking processes.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Blogs – blog sites for academic and scholarly issues.

Higher Education Blogs – blog sites for academic and scholarly issues.

The versatile PhD – a site for networking and gathering advice about careers and development for scholars.

The professor is in – a site for navigating academic careers and job markets.

Sociology Source – a site containing teaching and research resources and ideas for sociologists.

Sociological Images – a site containing images and media for use in sociology classrooms

The Sociological Cinema – a site containing videos and discussions about media in sociology classrooms.

The Intersex Roadshow – a blog site discussing intersex issues and experience in relation to binary structures, patterns, and operations within and beyond academic settings.

Crunk Feminist Collective – a blog site discussing and sharing information on race, gender, class, and sexualities in everyday life and contemporary politics.

Everyday Feminism – a blog site offering feminist reflections and discussions on social issues.

Teaching Tolerance – a resource site for social justice education tools, techniques, media, and dissemination.

Transfusion – a blog site discussing transgender issues and experiences in relation to cisgender structures, patterns, and operations within and beyond academic settings.

Family Inequality – a blog site maintaining up to date family data on a wide variety of social issues.

Queering Education – a site for resources concerning teaching about LGBTQIAP topics and issues.

Social (In)Queery – a site for social science research on LGBTQIAP issues and topics.

Campus Pride – a site for information on college campuses and LGBTQIAP issues.

NOGLSTP – a site for sexual minority scholars.

PhD(isabled) – a blog site for differently abled communities and issues.

Women’s Studies Online Resources – a resource site for gender studies and activities.

Refuse the Silence – a blog community for women of color in the academy.

Tenure She Wrote – a blog community exploring women’s experiences in the academy.

Racism Review – a blog community exploring racial issues in contemporary society

Racialicious – a blog community exploring intersections of race in varied areas of social life.

Working Class Perspectives – a site exploring working class reactions to academia and society.

Classism Exposed – a blog site exploring classism in the academy and everyday life.

Nonreligion and Secularity – a blog sharing findings and studies of nonreligious and nonbeliever experience in contemporary society.